How To Choose The Best Roofing Contractor 

A roof is perhaps the single most important element of every home. It keeps us sheltered from the elements and protects us from the cold even when the weather is at its fiercest. So, if a problem occurs and you need maintenance or repairs to your roof, it’s important to be able to call upon a reliable team of roofers.

An experienced, qualified and professional roofing contractor will be able to competently tackle all kinds of issues, whether it be minor maintenance, emergency repairs or even a full roof replacement.

But with so many companies out there all offering similar roofing services, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

With this in mind, our team here at Town & County Roofing has put together a handy guide to help you know the questions you should be asking when selecting a roofing contractor.

Check licence and insurance

Among the very first things you need to be checking is that licences and insurance are all in order. Both these things are necessary but for slightly different reasons.

Firstly, a licence will demonstrate that they have the appropriate qualifications to carry out the job at hand. It will also indicate that they’re compliant with all the required regulations that come with roofing.

Roofing can be a dangerous job and occasionally accidents do happen. If one of the roofers gets injured while on your property, you want to ensure that you’ll be in no way liable. This is where insurance comes in. A reputable roofing contractor will make sure that every member of their team is fully insured and covered in case an accident occurs. If they do not have insurance, then the homeowner could be found liable for any third-party injury or damage to the property.

Never work with any contractor unless you’ve seen proof of licences and insurance.

Experience is key

Like with everything, practice makes perfect. You wouldn’t want a surgeon with no experience to carry out work on your body, so why hire an inexperienced roofer to fix such a vital part of your home?

With an experienced contractor, you can be rest assured that they’ll be using quality supplies, the best materials and can carry out a high standard of work. Plus, they’re likely to have a significant portfolio of work that you can browse through.

Check their references and past work

That leads us neatly to the next thing you should ask for. References are always useful, as you can hear from real people who have experienced first-hand what a contractor’s work is like. Ask the contractor you’re considering for references, and then ask the referee any burning questions you have. The best thing about this is that you can ask anything you like, and you’re likely to receive honest answers. If you’d prefer, you can also check online reviews to learn more about a potential contractor.

As well as references, it’s always a good idea to cast your eye over a portfolio of past work. Established contractors should be able to provide a range of photos, and sometimes videos, of completed work. This means you’ll be able to take a closer look at the work they’ve done, before making an informed decision.

If a contractor does not have references or a portfolio of work, this is a red flag and you should avoid working with them.

Ask about warranties

Warranties are an important aspect of roofing. If you’re having a new roof installed, then you don’t want to have to pay for more work in just a few months. Every contractor has a different policy but should provide some kind of warranty that gives you peace of mind that if something does go wrong, you’ll be covered. Therefore, this is a question you should be asking potential contractors before work begins.

At Town & County Roofing, we always provide a ten-year warranty on all roof installations.

Make sure you get everything in writing

Once you’ve decided on a roofing contractor, the next step is to get everything in writing. From the price you’ve been quoted to any additional fees along the way, every aspect of the repairs or installation should be professionally documented.

This is done to protect both you and the contractor and ensures everything has been formally agreed upon before work is started. A reputable contractor will also insist this is done and should be happy to talk you through everything. If you have any questions about the work or the finances, this should all be cleared up before work commences and there should be no confusion.

The team at Town & County Roofing is highly experienced in a wide range of roofing services and has supported customers in Beaconsfield, High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire for more than 20 years. If you’re looking for a dedicated, professional and reliable team of roofers to carry out repairs, inspections or even a full roof installation, we’re on hand to help. With a wide range of roofing services to choose from, get in touch today.