Does My Guttering Need Repairing?

As we head into the colder and wetter months, our homes inevitably come under more strain. The cold temperatures and harsher weather can start to take their toll, particularly if parts of your property haven’t had much maintenance for a while.

Guttering plays a fundamental role when it comes to protecting our homes. It is used to collect rainwater that has run off from your roof and directs it away from the base of your property – meaning your foundations remain protected.

However, over time guttering can begin to develop small faults that can result in big problems for your property. While most gutters will last anywhere between 20 to 50 years, it’s important not to wait until they completely fail as this will be far more costly.

Instead, it’s better to undertake regular gutter repairs to resolve issues as and when they arise. This way you’ll prevent more significant problems.

At this point, you may be asking yourself – does my guttering need repairing?

If this is the case, read on to find out the typical signs that your guttering requires some maintenance.

Cracks, rust or holes

If you spot any cracks, rust or holes in your guttering, it’s important to address them immediately. Any small cracks or holes can usually be dealt with by simply using some sealant to secure the opening. However, if these cracks or holes are large, more invasive repairs may be required.

Sealing up these large holes will likely only delay the inevitable, as they’ll probably reopen over time and cause further damage. Instead, you may need to replace the guttering and while this may be costly, it’ll be far cheaper than having to fix your roof due to the damage caused.

Leaking gutters

One of the most obvious signs that your guttering needs repairing is if it’s leaking. If you notice water in your basement or other areas of your home, it’s likely you have a serious guttering problem that needs fixing.

A gutter leak is bad news, as it means the water can directly impact your foundations, softening the ground and potentially causing widespread damage. The first thing you should do if you spot any water in your basement or other areas of the property is to check your guttering, it may require a replacement if this is the case.

A leak may not necessarily mean the entire guttering system needs to be replaced. You could just have an issue with gutter gaps or separating guttering. Gaps can appear in your gutter if elements of the system become separated from one another, while leaks can also develop if fasteners attached to your roof become loose. Both of these issues are fairly straightforward to fix, and usually just require being screwed back together.

If water is pooling in your guttering rather than being taken away, then there is also likely to be a problem. Over time, the build-up of pooled water can cause guttering to sag and even burst so it shouldn’t be ignored.

Finding nails and screws

If you discover nails and screws in your garden or outdoor areas, they may have come from the guttering. This could be a concern as when nails and screws become loose or fall out, the entire guttering structure won’t be as stable, meaning repairs are necessary.

While you may be able to simply put the nails or screws back in their rightful place, they could have fallen out due to rusting or other types of damage, so it’s worth having a proper assessment to check the condition of your guttering.

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