How To Know if Your Chimney Needs Repairs

If you’re fortunate enough to have an open fireplace installed in your home, then you’ll be well aware of the benefits it can bring. As well as keeping you and your family warm on those cold winter nights, the almost hypnotic nature of a fireplace always makes it a great visual feature.

However, if you do have a fireplace installed then it’s important that your chimney system is performing at its very best. A chimney provides a ventilation structure that removes the harmful gases produced by the fire out of your home and away from you and your loved ones. If your chimney has become damaged or isn’t  working correctly, these gases may enter your home and can be hazardous to those inside.

If you’re wondering “does my chimney need repairing?”  but you are unsure what to look out for, don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of some of the key signs to check to see if your chimney needs some TLC.

Your chimney is not working properly

It may seem obvious, but one of the key signs that your chimney might need to be repaired is if it is not working properly. The majority of the chimney’s system can be found within the walls – meaning it’s not always immediately clear what the problem is.

But if you find yourself struggling to light your fireplace, there seems to be more smoke than usual or you’ve noticed a strange smell coming from the fireplace, the chances are that something is not quite right and repairs will be required.

Your mortar joints are damaged or worn

Your chimney’s mortar joints are what hold your entire chimney system together and can be found between the brickwork. Perhaps the most obvious sign that your chimney has become damaged is when these joints look worn or damaged. Take a close look at the mortar and if you spot any holes or cracks, it’s important to organise repairs as soon as possible – if you don’t, the damage could become far worse.

Falling bricks

The most urgent sign that repairs are needed is if you have noticed that the bricks are partially or even entirely falling from the chimney. If you see bricks in your front or back garden, it could be a sign that spalling is taking place – this is where pieces of your chimney begin breaking up and falling away. This can be extremely dangerous and,

in severe cases, an entire chimney system can fall to the ground if the problem is not swiftly addressed.

Loose tiles

Shaling is when tiles from within your chimney begin to shed away, usually due to the chimney’s flue liner becoming damaged. This is bad news as a damaged liner means water can start to access your chimney system, and it can even compromise its structural integrity.

A sure sign that shaling has started to take place is if you spot pieces of tiles on the floor of the fireplace. If this is the case, organise a chimney repair immediately.

If you’re unsure as to whether your property needs a chimney repair, you should always seek the advice of the experts. At Town & County Roofing, we provide quality chimney repairs and even offer a chimney replacement service if required. Working across High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Amersham and the surrounding areas, to find out more about our professional chimney repairs in Buckinghamshire, contact our team today.